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25.02.2022 г.

Продукти на Plakabeton - Isotec™ - Rutec™

Isotec™ is a system of reinforcement elements whose main function is to reduce heat bridges that occur in structural elements and pass through the external insulation of buildings (balconies, cornices, canopies, etc.). The main asset of Isotec™ is the polyurethane or mineral wool panel that provides continuity of a building’s heat insulation. Continuous stainless steel bars pass through this insulation material. The bars embedded in the concrete on both sides of the insulation material transfer loads to the building’s structure. Isotec™ can take loads created by cantilevered elements such as balconies, cornices, ledges, etc. It is designed to take a transverse shear force and/or a bending or deflection moment. All configurations that can be provided by traditional techniques can also be produced with Isotec™ elements.



Rutec™ is a thermal break that is particularly suitable for constructions with internal heat insulation.

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