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25.02.2022 г.

Продукти на Plakabeton - Couplerbox™

The Couplerbox™ is a system for assembling reinforcement bars with threaded coupler sleeves. The available diameters are 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, 28, 32 and 40 mm. With the Couplerbox™, it is no longer necessary to drill holes through the formwork panels to leave starter bars in construction joints. The Couplerbox™ is also used to extend reinforcement bars without overlapping, and it eliminates the space required to be left for bars at areas of overlapping. The Couplerbox™ is regularly subjected to several static and dynamic tests, and it complies with the current standards.

Type CA

Straight bar for first stage, with a coupling sleeve at one end.

Type CR

Straight bar for second stage, threaded at one end.

Type CAC

Straight bar for first stage, folded at 90°, or as required.

Type CAF

Straight bar fitted with a coupling sleeve at one end and a thread at the other.

Type CAM

Straight bar for first stage, fitted with a coupling sleeve at both ends.

Anchoring Bars

Threaded bars for anchoring metal structures to concrete constructions.


Monobox™, Multibox™, a type of key...

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