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25.02.2022 г.

Продукти на Plakabeton

Stabox™ Stabox™

The Stabox™ is a box in which starter bars, with a 6 to 12 mm diameter, are folded,... [още]

Couplerbox™ Couplerbox™

Couplerbox™ is a reinforcement bar coupling system. The coupler is threaded and the bars are joined by screwing. [още]


Device for assembling concrete reinforcement bars with no special machining. [още]

Titan™ Titan™

The Titan™ dowels are intended for the transfer of heavy loads to the expansion joints of construction sites... [още]

Diladal™ Diladal™

Diladal™ is a finished product for fitting expansion joints in ground slabs. [още]

Armatec™ Armatec™

By using Armatec™ slats with punching shear-resistant dowels, it is now possible to construct a structure of thin slabs laid directly on columns. [още]

Isotec™ - Rutec™ Isotec™ - Rutec™

Isotec™ is a system of reinforcement elements whose main function is to reduce heat bridges... [още]

Plakatube™ Plakatube™

Perishable formwork to make smooth columns. [още]

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